159: Overnight Success Is A Myth | Bobby Casey

May 25, 2017

Bobby is a lifelong entrepreneur, investor and student of life. He is a believer in privacy and freedom and fights this fight through words and actions around the world. Bobby owns a company called Global Wealth Protection. It’s one of those things that entrepreneurs don’t really think about until it’s too late – asset protection.

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In this episode, Bobby Casey and I discuss:

  • Where does his drive come from
  • What “hustling” means for him
  • How entrepreneurs make good money for a few months but then everything stops suddenly
  • There is no safety in a day-job
  • His company and what they do
  • Hiring from third world countries
  • How he got his first customer
  • Marketing strategies
  • Doing free consulting sessions
  • Morning routine
  • His “average” day
  • Productivity hacks
  • Last piece of advice

Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

Global Wealth Protection

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