158: Getting Paid to Work with Zig Zaglar and Jim Rohn | Chris Widener

May 21, 2017

Chris is one of the top speakers in the world today. He delivers about 40 speeches a year on influence, sales, and leadership. Chris also loves to write. In addition to 12 books, he has written over 450 articles and produced more than 30 audio programs. Chris also founded Made for Success which is distributor of personal and professional development products.

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In this episode, Chris Widener and I discuss:

  • His GPA in school was 2.2
  • Becoming one of the top speakers in the world
  • Self promotion
  • His worst speaking gig
  • How mentors can change your life
  • Morning routine
  • Habits
  • One final takeaway

Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

Chris’ Website

Chris’ Books

Made for Success

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