160: Lessons Learned from Spending $10,000 on a Coaching Session | James Newcomb

May 25, 2017

James is the founder of MusicPreneur, a podcast and online platform which teaches musicians the tools, techniques and most important, the mindset, needed to monetize their musical skills. He’s also the host of the show, Secrets of the musical mind. It’s a daily podcast that helps you win the battle with your mind and let the music flow.

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In this episode, James Newcomb and I discuss:

  • Investing $10,000 to spend a day with John Lee Dumas
  • How he came up with MusicPreneur
  • Changing the mindset of musicians
  • Importance of teaching everybody how to self promote themselves
  • Revenue model
  • Marketing tactics
  • Running a daily newsletter & podcast
  • Morning routine
  • Habits
  • Last piece of advice

Resources Mentioned in This Episode:


Secrets of the Muscial Mind

Entrepreneur on Fire Podcast

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