157: From Modelling to Running a Tech Startup | Misa Chien

May 21, 2017

Misa is the co-founder of Praisewortthy. A company that focuses on empowering and training front-line employees through customer feedback. They are currently working with thousands of stores, ensuring millions of happy customers a year. Before, Misa was working as a professional model for 8 years as well as the founder of Nom Nom Sandwiches, and built it into a 7 figure business across two markets, and managed a 30-person team.

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In this episode, Misa Chien and I discuss:

  • Bargaining strategies
  • Modelling background
  • Why you should never start a food truck business
  • Starting a software company
  • Winning a startup competition
  • Marketing strategies
  • Affiliates
  • How she is starting a podcast
  • Her morning routine
  • Focus is the key to success
  • One final takeaway

Resources Mentioned in This Episode:


Article on why Nom Nom Truck failed

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