John is an author, business management consultant, executive trainer and speaker with a client list from the Fortune 100 to small businesses and other organizations around the globe.

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In this episode, John Spence and I discuss:

  • Failed out of college the first try
  • Went to a community college, and a different university, and graduated #3 in the US in his major
  • Went to work for the Rockefeller family
  • CEO when he was 26, projects in 20 countries
  • CEO for a different training and development firm
  • Left that and became a serial entrepreneur
  • To get successful: reading about 100-120 business books a year
  • Techniques to retain knowledge
  • He knew he can run companies, and when he was running companies for other people, and making other people rich, so, he decided to go out on his own
  • Biggest failure: Quitting – without a backup plan
  • How challenging it was to get the first couple of clients
  • 2 ways to get in front of decision makers
  • How far ahead to plan strategically
  • Knowing that you can deliver
  • Things that are working for him right now
    • Surrounding yourself with top talent
    • Being very close to customers
  • 6 practical tips for surrounding yourself with good people
  • The importance of helping people
  • To minimize stress, a lot of the time, he travels with his wife, and has a lot of downtime
  • Deciding not to have children, to be able to maintain a travelling lifestyle
  • On-the-road system vs. At-home system
  • His thoughts on habits and routines
    • Decision fatigue
  • Moving content online is exciting
  • Family and fly-fishing are happiness

Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

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John Recommends Books:

On Entrepreneurship: Rockefeller Habits and Scaling up by Verne Harnish

On Leadership: The Truth About Leadership by Kouzes and Posner, Leadership Lessons From a UPS Driver by Ron Wallace

Anything by Joseph Michelli


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