Matt is a speaker, author and founder of, the company that publishes a daily investment newsletter to more than 425,000 subscribers and brings in more than 3 million dollars in annual revenue. Now, Matthew travels the world and teaches others about how to leverage powers of entrepreneurship in their lives and achieve personal financial freedom.

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In this episode, Matthew Paulson and I discuss:

  • Started a finance blog in college
  • When he figured out online marketing
  • Started a local angel fund
  • Started a few other businesses
  • When an opportunity shows up, you jump on it, not wait
  • To improve, you have to improve both your personal and professional life
  • Figured out he can start a website in college, and then started fully on it
  • How challenging it was working and going to college at the same time
  • 3 and a half years to a good income
  • Biggest setback: when Google updated some rules, half of his business was gone
    • The business was too dependent on one source
  • Don’t build your business to help somebody else’s ecosystem
  • Email marketing and the power to monetize through email
  • 4 specific ways to get a lot of email subscribers
  • Something is a good idea depending on
    • How much time it would take for him (less is more!)
    • Skills and experience
  • Habits for the day could be distractions that get in the way
  • Review your business each week to see what can be improved
  • Being religious in business
  • Kids are happiness

Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

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Matthew’s Book – The Ten-Year Turnaround

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