Ryan is three times best selling author, entrepreneur, blogger, and the founder of Clyxo. He is one of the leading sales and advertising consultants on the planet. He has raised millions in sales without making any phone calls.

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In this episode, Ryan Stewman and I discuss:

  • Been doing the online thing for six year
  • The importance of foundation
  • Always wanted to be in sales and work for himself
  • Sold everything as a kid, including certain illegal substances, held fake fundraisers, etc
  • Does not endorse drug dealing
  • First real business is a company called Lifestyle Connections
  • Found he didn’t like business partners
  • Failures come from making bad personal decisions
  • Freedom is being able to come and go as you please, and freedom is huge to him, being he spent some time incarcerated
  • Something he’s learned in prison: time management
    • Running your life by calendar
  • Family and old friend free for eight years – and life is good
  • When you get out of bed, you have a choice, and it doesn’t matter if he wants to do something, he does it anyways
  • Bouncing ideas of the paid advisors
  • Everybody should have masterminds, consultants, mentors and paid advisors in their lives
  • Good habits to consider
    • Working out
    • Date night
  • How exciting it is he can grow his company
  • Kids are happiness

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