Deb is a branding expert, investor and CEO of Sol Marketing Deb has led brand research and strategy engagements for organizations such as Dell Inc., Microsoft Corp., NBCUniversal and dozens of early-stage tech and digital media titans.

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In this episode, Deb Gabor and I discuss:

  • She is obsessed about branding and marketing
  • Biggest contributor to her success has been saying “yes” all the time
  • What kind of clients she works with
  • How to have more free time as an entrepreneur
  • If it’s not a “hell yea” you shouldn’t be doing it
  • Revenue numbers
  • Growth strategies Deb has used
  • The unforgettable entrepreneurial story
  • How does her life looks like right now
  • That she has been thinking about writing a book on her dating experiences
  • One final takeaway from the interview

Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

Sol Marketing

Deb’s Book

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