I’ve been using tools below for at least few years. That’s why I’m that confident to share this with you. If I’m being dead honest, they have been one of the most important resources to grow my traffic and revenue.

NOTE: This list is updated at least every month.

Website Hosting

BlueHost – A detailed step-by-step guide to have your blog set up in minutes!


OscarHamilton – Podcast Editing & Production services.

Best Email Provider

ConvertKit – Email marketing for Entrepreneurs & Podcasters & Bloggers.

Free AudioBook

Audible – If you’re not already an Audible customer, snag a FREE audio book!

My favorites

Fiverr  – Marketplace for freelancers, where you can find people offering tasks and services for $5.

Fizzle – Training from experts you trust + vital community.

Hootsuite – Social media FAST.

ThemeForest – Place for all WordPress themes & addons.

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I will earn few bucks if you decide to make a purchase. I’ve chosen these products carefully and use them myself daily. I wouldn’t promote you stuff, that wouldn’t add extra value to you.